Sayan Siberian Chaga Mushroom Tea (Unbleached 20 Tea Bags) – Wild Harvested, Mix of Raw and Extract Chaga, Herbal Tea Supplement, Caffeine Free

$13.00 (as of May 11, 2019, 2:28 am)

Potent Immune System Booster. Premium 20 tea bags of aromatic refreshing tea for overall wellness! Exclusive blend of raw and extract chaga helps boost and modulate the immune system naturally. A must drink tea during cold and flu season!
Powerful Antioxidant: high value of Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity and Superoxide Dismutase neutralize damages done by free radicals, protects health and slows down the aging process. Powerful anti-aging blend to regain youthful essence and become positively healthy!
Improve Digestive Health: A healthy longevity tea to keep your digestive system in shape. It helps relieve indigestion while keeping the digestive system working smoothly. Our Chaga tea is great detoxifier, it effectively clears your body from toxins