Why are Natural Vitamins Better for You than Synthetic Vitamins?

The daily diet consumed by a vast majority of people in the country does not provide them with all the nutrients that are required by their bodies to maintain good health. This is the reason why millions of people consume supplements containing vitamins and minerals to fulfill their requirements of nutrients. There has always been a debate among the doctors and nutritionists that says that synthetic nutrients are not as good as natural nutrients and they do not provide the same kind of benefits to the human body as natural nutrients found in fruits and vegetables.

If you do not know, natural nutrients are those that are found naturally in food items like vegetables, dairy products, meat, and fruits. On the other hand, synthetic nutrients are those vitamins and minerals that are processed in laboratories and sold in the market in the form of tablets, pills, powder, and liquid. Synthetic nutrients are not derived from whole food items after dehydrating them. They are prepared artificially in laboratories and made from petrochemicals, coal tar, chemically manipulated sugar and inorganic minerals and designed to mimic the action of natural nutrients once consumed by an individual.

You can be pretty sure that people don’t have a coal tar deficiency, so why take supplements made out of coal tar? Why not take supplements made out of food?

The human body reacts differently to natural nutrients and synthetic nutrients. The liver has to work harder to get rid of the synthetic supplement.

Also, it is still not clear how these synthetic nutrients are absorbed by the human body and consumed later. While all-natural nutrients are absorbed easily by the human body, the same cannot be said about all synthetic nutrients. Research has proved that natural vitamin E is absorbed by human body twice as fast as synthetic vitamin E. Synthetic Vitamin E has also been found to be carcinogenic.

Therefore, you should avoid the intake of synthetic nutrients and instead include whole food supplements in your daily diet to improve your health and fitness. We sell a wide range of whole food supplements that are 100% natural to provide desired benefits to your body.

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