Non-Toxic Hand Sanitizers Alcohol and Triclosan Free

Are you looking for non-toxic hand sanitizers that are alcohol and Triclosan-free, and will not harm your body in any way, but still get rid of the germs?  Well, the two options below should seem appealing to you!

We all know alcohol is drying, but what is Triclosan and why is it important to avoid. ?

Triclosan is a known endocrine disruptor and a suspected carcinogen. There is good reason to believe that the over use of products with triclosan has contributed to bacterial resistance in the same way we are cautioned against the use of antibiotics.  The persistent nature that is connected to the use of triclosan being washed down our drains daily and affecting water life. 

The use of triclosan is linked to the following effects on human health:

  • Abnormal endocrine system/thyroid hormone signaling.
  • Weakening of immune system.
  • Children exposed to antibacterial products at an early age have an increased chance of developing allergies, asthma and eczema.
  • Uncontrolled cell growth.
  • Developmental and reproductive toxicity.
  1. Clean Well Foaming Hand Sanitizer

This foaming hand sanitizer is alcohol-free and will kill all the microorganisms on your hands. It’s available in an easy-to-carry portable 240 ml container. This hand sanitizer kills 99.99% of microorganisms on your skin so that you can stay healthy and safe from many diseases that are transmitted through infected hands.

You should use this hand sanitizer every time you need to eat! For doctors and other medical health professionals, using this sanitizer is very important before and after you touch each patient. This sanitizer is alcohol-free, which means it’s a non-toxic sanitizer and won’t harm your body like alcohol-infused sanitizers do. It won’t produce an excessively drying effect on your skin either.

You should keep this sanitizer on your dinner table so that it reminds you to sanitize your hands each time you’re going to start eating a meal.

This pocket-sized portable hand sanitizer spray is the perfect way to keep you germ-free on the go! You can easily carry this spray in your bag or purse and you can use it whenever you need to. For example, if you’re at school and you need to eat something instantly and you’re too lazy to go wash your hands, all you need to do is pop out your CleanWell Botanical Hand sanitizer spray and you’re good to go!

This sanitizer is alcohol-free and is made of a special botanical formula that will get rid of 99.99% of microorganisms on your skin! You can use freely whenever you need to without constantly worrying about what it will do to your skin because it’s basically harmless.

This is also great for traveling purposes, especially when you’re going on a vacation. Your hands tend to get dirty and pretty messy while you’re on a vacation and you often won’t have the option of washing your hands, which is where this CleanWell Botanical Hand sanitizer Spray will come as a life-saver to you!

It can literally save your life by killing off deadly bacteria that may enter your body through your hands.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your non-toxic sanitizer today and stay germ-free!

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